Jose Garces has little need to prove he’s a good chef—heck, he’s an iron chef—but he’ll soon be showing off some additional culinary versatility. And where better than along 13th Street, where the Philly restaurant explosion is in full swing like Glenn Miller.

Former Letto

His German sausage and beer hall project Frohman’s Wursthaus (you may recall Ferris Bueller?) has been talked about for nearly two years. Now the project is moving forward after the Washington Square West Civic Association voted last month not to oppose its application for a take-out restaurant at 208 S. 13th St.

A member of the WSWCA zoning committee said initial designs (BoxWood Architects) showed plans for 33 seats, all of which are counter-seats, a closed kitchen, and garage door-style windows on its north-end that will enable the whole restaurant to be opened up, much like the big doors at Stephen Starr’s Frankford Hall. But it would be silly to think Garces would take an idea from his competition. Right?

The opening date remains nebulous, but Garces Restaurant Group will have to reappear before WSWCA again when the time comes for permits for outdoor seating and booze. So we’re guessing it’s gonna be somewhere between three days and six months before Garces unleashes the Frohman beast.

Can it help the Gramercy?

And maybe this project will help the folks at the Gramercy find a tenant for their retail space. Perhaps a mustard shop?

–Lou Mancinelli