The Pain Center, located on the southeast corner of 12th and Lombard Sts., has about 21K sqft. of interior space, and the current list of tenants includes a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, and a physical therapist’s office. The building was constructed in the seventies, and absolutely looks the part. Despite its somewhat underwhelming appearance, it’s located in a very desirable neighborhood and Jefferson Hospital is right up the street, so it serves its tenants’ purposes pretty well. The building also comes with sixteen parking spaces, which is super-valuable in this part of town.

Not really awe-inspiring architecture

The building has been for sale for just about $5M for a little more than a year. After a year on the market, perhaps the seller will reduce the price some? We imagine that whoever ultimately purchases the building will maintain its current use as medical office space, but we’re just hoping that they do some alterations to the facade (bigger windows maybe?) and change the name of the building.

Not much better from this angle

On the other hand, they could turn the place into a huge S&M bar, in which case they wouldn’t even have to replace the signs. Just a thought.