Over a year ago, we first broke the news that Walgreens would be taking over the prime corner commercial space at Broad & Chestnut last occupied by Borders. We have fond memories of this building, as we spent many hours perusing the shelves back in the day, when we used to work around the corner. Perhaps the fact that we (and many, many others) spent so much time there but so little money contributed to the business eventually tanking. Or maybe it was the internet, whatever.

Yesterday, a reader tipped us off that the Walgreens was celebrating their grand opening. And let us say, there should be emphasis on “grand.” This place is extremely fancy.

View in the rain

One of a handful of Walgreens flagship stores in the country, this location offers 27K sqft of Walgreeny goodness. Along with the standard fare that you find in a typical store, this place has prepared foods like salads and sushi, fresh produce, and fro-yo (!). And that’s saying nothing about the unique interior design work, done by JKR Partners.

Going up the escalator

Up to the third floor on the next escalator

Third floor. Image from JKR Partners

View of the third floor ceiling, pharmacy in the background

One of the original chandeliers, restored

Checkout area on the first floor, with an inspiring quote on the wall

As you can see, this is a Walgreens like no other. We confess, we’re generally more into CVS, but that preference doesn’t take away from the grandeur of this place one bit. Next time you’re downtown, we suggest you check it out. And if there happens to be a torrential downpour like there was today, it’s an even more welcome respite.