The University Club building at 1316 Walnut St. was built in 1887 and designed by Wilson Eyre, who we wrote about back in August. Most recently containing a camera shop on the first floor, the historic property was on the market for awhile and was purchased by Jason Real Estate Investments Inc about a month ago for $1.45M.

In the middle

The bottom

The awesome top

Michael Klein reports that Sumo Sushi, currently located at Broad and Pine Sts., will be opening up a location at this spot. According to the recent zoning application, the new tenants intend to demo part of the interior of the second floor to create higher ceilings on the first floor, possibly doing dining on the second floor as well. The application also indicates the presence of twelve apartments on the third through fifth floors. Seems that the previous owners made the most of the 11K interior sqft of this building.

Since the building is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, the exterior is preserved from alterations without a hearing with the Historical Commission, but the owner or tenant is free to perform interior modifications without a hearing. Good for the developer, we suppose, probably not so great for the building.

With numerous lunch options on this block, Sumo Sushi will likely be a welcome addition for the weekday crowds on Walnut Street. Whether the folks at Aki Sushi a block away will welcome the increased competition, we’re thinking probably not.