The northeast corner of Broad and Chestnut Sts. has sat empty for months now, since Borders liquidated its inventory and closed up shop, another victim of the information age. Borders moved into 1 S. Broad St. almost a decade ago, according to the Inquirer, after years at a location on Walnut St. that has since become an H&M. As it has since the spring, the building that once housed the former Philadelphia National Bank, is still on the prowl for a new tenant.

Signs are still there

On Philadelphia Speaks, a rumor is going around that a Walgreens will be taking over this space. Given the high rent numbers that pharmacies are willing to pay, this certainly would make some sense for the landlords. It would be kind of disappointing for the rest of us, though, for such an unexciting tenant to come into this extremely desirable space.

Meanwhile, immediately next door at 1339 Chestnut St., Marathon Grill closed suddenly two weeks ago after fifteen years at the location. According to Michael Klein, the reason for the closing, which happened during lunch hours, was $186K (!) in back rent.

Cardboard covering up the signs

Again according to Philadelphia Speaks, rumor has it that Wells Fargo has an eye on the former Marathon space. Considering the hole that the landlords are in, we imagine they’ll be quick to accept any offer from a tenant that they know will pay, no matter how little that tenant would do for the energy of the block.

So there you have it folks, a book store and a restaurant possibly being replaced by a pharmacy and a bank. We imagine you’ll join us in hoping that neither rumor pans out, and that both spaces find tenants that bring a little more juice to the area. For the record, we’re hoping for laser tag and Jose Garces.

Any other ideas?

Both spaces, looking west