A reader tipped us off that a commercial space is currently for rent on the first floor of the gorgeous and unique Witherspoon Building, at 1319 Walnut St.


Looking up

The building was built in 1896, and was one of the tallest buildings in the city at the time of its construction. Designed by Joseph M. Huston, the building was commissioned by the Presbyterian Church and held numerous offices for the church until its sale in 1973. Though the building has ornate details all over the place, some of the more interesting details were removed for safe keeping decades ago. Originally, ten statues of figures from the Bible, carved by Samuel Murray, adorned the building on the eighth floor level. Additionally, six statues of figures from the Presbyterian movement, carved by Alexander Stirling Calder, previously stood above the main doors on Juniper St.

Wonderful details

Helps you know where you are

Currently, the retail space on the first floor is available for lease. According to the listing from Fameco, nearly 8,000 sqft of space are available on the corner of Walnut and Juniper Sts., and an additional 5,000 or so sqft are available on Juniper St., to the north of the front door of the building.

Site plan of the space

Though Wachovia and Wells Fargo offices have occupied this space in recent years, retail businesses have historically been located at this address. What would people like to see come into this space? A restaurant? Shopping? An expanded Citi Marketplace? Since the building is owned by Wells Fargo, the only thing that would seem out of the question would be a competing bank branch.

View of the building in 1956, with some active retail