Looking up


Bottom of the building


901 Walnut St. plus 909 Walnut St.


If you haven’t been in the neighborhood lately, you may have missed the development at 901 Walnut St., the new Jefferson University building currently under heavy construction. Expected to be completed next Spring, this 11-story building will increase clinical, academic, and administrative space, and became necessary with the dramatic expansion of Jefferson and the subsequent increase in enrollment. In addition to providing eleven floors of new space, this project will upgrade existing space with the renovation at the Edison building immediately to the north, which will connect to the new building. The new tower, named the Health Professions Academic Building, will also connect to 909 Walnut St., the three-story building to the west, further consolidating operations at the University.

Architects for the project are Buell Kratzer Powell, in collaboration with U3 Ventures.


Way back when

Original plans were for a 21 story building, which would have matched the Edison Building next door

Final Rendering. A look to the future