We've directed your attention to the 1100 block of Chestnut Street in recent months, pointing to a major project from Brickstone that's bringing down some unattractive buildings and replacing them with a plethora of apartments and retail. Another notable aspect of this project is the rescuing and restoration of the old Oppenheim Collins building which is being returned to its former glory. When that project is finished, a combination of the old building and a new structure will bring much needed new life to the block.

Close by, the 700 block of Chestnut Street already has a collection of amazing buildings, and great retail options mixed in with some middling stores and vacancies. We've loved walking this block over the years, but the other day an under-construction storefront at 716 Chestnut St. caught our eye. It turns out this space has been empty for quite awhile, but soon a dentist will be moving in. It ain't a glamorous tenant but it's far better than a vacant space. As you can see, the building the dentist will occupy is wonderful, saying nothing of its neighbors.

Storefront getting redone

The buildings on this block are just amazing

Just a few doors to the east, close to Las Vegas Lounge, a double-wide building is getting totally redone inside. The first floor was previously a beauty shop and a lunch place. It looks like the beauty place is out but the lunch spot is coming back to a renovated space. Above, there will be twenty-four apartments. We don't know what was going on upstairs in the recent past, but we're confident that the apartments will represent an upgrade.

Storefronts at 708-10 Chestnut St.

These awesome buildings are being redone

Sure, the project on the 1100 block is getting a bunch of press and it's deserved. But the underrated 700 block is getting a little work done too, and it's already architecturally light years ahead of just about every other block in the city.