Last month, we did some speculating on the renovation of a building on the western end of the 1100 block of Sansom St., a block that’s got little to offer aside from parking (of the non-free variety). Turns out, there’s something else on this block worth talking about.

Looking west. See it?

How bout now?

Close enough for you?

Yes, this block was the home of Pauline’s Bridal Shoppe, once upon a time. How long ago, you may ask? When did it go out of business, you may wonder? What’s the address, you may inquire? Unfortunately, we have no answers. We can’t find anything about the business, its history, the owners of the property, or the property itself. We can’t even identify its address from looking at the OPA.

So… can anyone help us fill in the (many) blanks? Any old heads in the neighborhood who remember when this place was in operation? Any ideas on how the space could be reused? Any chance the sign still lights up?

The whole building is so blighted

Considering the look of the building it’s in, we’re not so optimistic.

And unfortunately, we don’t think that a Doors & Windows violation would hold up here, since the block is most certainly not 80% occupied.