We don't usually call out individual properties listed for sale, but every now and then a particularly special one comes on the market and we feel like we'd be remiss if we didn't bring it to your attention. Such is the case with 1221 Pine St., a historic home in the Washington Square West neighborhood that's now on the market for $550K

View of the home

According to the listing, the home was built by by Joseph & Eliza Shoemaker, Jr. in 1829, with the first floor originally functioning as a drug store. According to the Historical Commission, the architecture of the building perfectly represents the period in which it was built. Though the exterior of the building is in pretty shabby condition, it appears to be mostly intact and it probably strongly resembles its original state.

The listing has many photos that show the interior of the house, which has a number of seemingly original details but still looks like it will need a total rehab. The current owner, who bought the property in 1985 for $50K (!) seems to have done some renovation work over the years, but looking at the photos we can't be sure that anybody has been living there lately. The building has about 3,000 sqft inside, with three large rooms on each of the first three floors. The top floor has another large room with roof deck access. At this time, per the listing, there's only one working half bath. Like we said, the place needs some serious work.

Okay, enough exposition. Check out these photos!

This room was a drug store back in the day

Rooms in the house

Check out the old stove in the kitchen

One of many bedrooms

Roof deck access

We aren't sure who's going to buy this place. Since the acquisition plus renovation could end up costing more than the renovated building, we don't know whether it'll appeal to many developers. Perhaps the best option would be a buyer that's eyeing the building as a unique personal residence that'll renovate the home lovingly and won't need to worry quite so much about the bottom line at the end. Baring a miraculous lottery win though, that sadly ain't gonna be us.