We were in the area the other day and noticed that Tutti Frutti, located at 1315 Walnut St., was no more. The space, which was previously a Bonte outpost, is currently available for rent by Goldman Properties, according to the sign in the door.

Closed forever

While some may be a little frustrated that they now have to walk another block and a half to indulge in tasty frozen yogurt, we wonder whether the struggles that two businesses have had at this location are a function of concept or location. A number of other successful businesses are located in the immediate area, among them Naked Philly favorite Citi Marketplace, as well as Philly Chocolate, which replaced the extremely popular Naked Chocolate in the space next door. So… the location doesn’t seem to be the issue.

From across the street

So perhaps this space is just waiting for the right concept to take advantage of its high-foot-traffic location. And maybe the rent could stand to be reduced a smidgen, as well, but we’re just speculating on that. We imagine that, lower rent or not, a new business will probably be making its way into this space sooner rather than later, we just hope they have a little bit better staying power.

Is there anything that anybody out there would love to see come into the space?