Last week, we told you about a large new student housing development at the corner of 18th and Cecil B. Moore Ave., which replaced a once gorgeous church that had become structurally compromised and eventually collapsed. We not only commented on the size of this development, but also about its location, right on Cecil B. Moore Ave., which has not seen nearly as much recent residential developments as, say the numbered streets in the area.

Wowie zowie

Today, we look one block to the west and bring 1901-03 Cecil B. Moore Ave. to your attention. The two currently vacant lots were purchased by 1963 Group LLC for $75K back in October. According to the zoning application, the developers intend to build two four-story quadplexes on these two lots, and hope to include two parking spaces on the corner property. We imagine that these buildings will be quite large, as the lots are both nearly 100 feet deep.

The two corner lots

Check out the building next door

To the north of the lot that will soon be student housing are the recently constructed affordable homes of the Cecil B Moore Home Ownership Zone. These were built in the last couple of years and sold out at a price of $110K each.

Meanwhile, immediately to the west is the home of the New Life In Christ Missionary Baptist Church. The building is obviously very impressive and obviously wasn’t originally a church. It was built as the Vogue Theater, and was constructed in 1913 and designed by architects Peuckert & Wunder. It closed down in the 1950’s and has been a church ever since.

We’re curious as to how the new homes are going to look, butted up against the handsome building next door. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…