Compared to the pace of construction from a few years ago, there's not much development happening in the neighborhoods around Temple these days. You can probably chalk that up to a combination of a shrinking supply of vacant land and a growing supply of new student housing which could translate into a dip in rent numbers. That being said, there's still some stuff happening around these parts, like at 1254 N. Carlisle St. where developers recently tore down a one story warehouse. The now vacant L-shaped lot is surrounded by a chain link fence which gave us the sense that something might be happening here.

In the past

Current view

According to zoning plans submitted for the property, we can soon expect a four-story building here with 18 apartments. The project will also include five parking spots in a surface parking lot, accessed from Burns Street. Looking at the site plan, it appears there will be some open space between the building and the parking lot, and we have no idea what's happening with that space.

With Temple University just a few blocks and one subway stop to the north, we'd have to think that these units will target a student population. It's worth noting though, that the project is just a block north of Francisville and half a block off North Broad Street, so there's a chance that non-students might be interested in this location as well. That being said, all of the newer construction in the area looks like the student housing we've seen further north.

Some recent construction on the north side of Thompson St.

Odd building to the south on Carlisle Street

As it's now December, we have to think that this project will soon start moving full speed ahead with a goal of being finished over the summer. After all, if you're targeting students, you're going to want to have those units ready in time for the fall semester.