Back in early February, we brought the development at 1326-28 N 15th St. to your attention, noting plans for one of the larger new student housing developments in the Temple area. The project, which sits on the corner of 15th and Ingersoll Sts., has made tremendous progress in just two months.

In February

Earlier this week. Wow.

As we told you before, this project will include six 3 bed/3 bath units and five 2 bed/2 bath units, adding up to rooms for twenty-eight students. Predicted rental rates are $625/room/mo. The parking is being handled in an unattractive way in a fairly unique fashion, with what resembles parking garage access in the rear to the ten underground parking spaces.

Rear of the property

Another angle. Note the ramp up to the front door as well.

Seems like whatever union issues the builders were having a few months back were resolved, considering the speed at which this building has gone up. Now, the only issue we can see with this property is the relatively disgusting block of Ingersoll St. that it sits on. Not sure that there’s anything the developers will be able to do about it though…

Pretty much a garbage dump down the street