As you’re probably well aware, we do plenty of galavanting around Philadelphia. In our wanderings, we spot all sorts of strange sights hither and yon. Last week, during a journey that took us to the west of Temple‘s campus, we spotted this:



From what we can gather, the address of this property is 1332 N. 17th St., and it’s been owned by Charles and Beulah Hazel since 1952. It’s surrounded by vacant land on all sides. Interestingly, most of the surrounding properties are owned by the same person under different legal entities. We suspect that we’ll be seeing some serious development in this area in the near future, once this developer is able to aggregate just a few more parcels.

And oh by the way, there isn’t actually a tree growing out of the building. It just looks like it at first (and second) glance.

What a relief.