In the past couple of years, we’ve told you about eight apartments that went up at 19th & Cecil B and another twenty units that were built a block to the east. Just a few weeks ago, we told you about another large project that’s on the way for the 1800 block of Cecil B Moore Avenue. Just because we tend to only mention the larger-scale student housing developments near Temple, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t dozens of one-off projects taking place all over the neighborhood. Take, for instance, the 1700 block of Cecil B:

South side

In the foreground of the photo above is 1704 Cecil B Moore Ave., a former convenience store. Willington Equities LLC purchased the property earlier this year, demolished it, and is building a new structure with three apartments and a vacant commercial space on the first floor. Looking at the building, we’re a little unclear on how they’ll rent out the commercial space…

Closer look

Down the street, meanwhile, at 1712 Cecil B Moore Ave., another mixed-use building is also under construction.

First of several

This taller property will eventually contain four apartments and another vacant commercial space. You probably noticed that there are three vacant lots between the two projects- well they won’t be vacant for long. Todd Joseph of Temple Spaces owns 1706-1712, and permits have been pulled for similar buildings for the remaining lots. Look for construction to begin soon.

North side of the street

One more project to mention on this block, this time across the street. Temple Villas III LLC purchased 1709 Cecil B Moore Ave. late last year for $70K, and is also building a mixed-use building with four apartments and a vacant retail space. We’re not a hundred percent on what’s inside the building next door, but we’re pretty sure it’s a drinking establishment of some kind, or at least it was at some point.

By our count, the current and future construction on this block alone will represent twenty-three new apartments and six new retail spaces. In a year, we imagine this block will not only have a totally different look, but it will have a really different feel as well. We’re fairly confident that students will rent out most or all of the apartments. But who will rent out the retail spaces? Stay tuned.