A couple of months ago, we brought a new project on the northeast corner of 15th & Master to your attention. At that point, it was framed to three stories. Checking back the other day, it's been fully framed to four stories, and brickwork is getting started. When it's done, it will contain ten apartments and three parking spots.

Taller than last time

Looking to the south, down 15th Street, you can see additional projects in the works. But there's one that really catches the eye.

Looking down 15th St.

A giant hole

1325 N. 15th St. was previously a surface parking lot, and was purchased by Prime Equities LLC a few years back. Last year, they got ZBA approval to build a large new apartment building on the site which will rival the largest privately built student housing structures in the area. Once it's complete, it will contain 63 apartments, 38 parking spots for cars, and 31 bike parking spots. Designed by Harman Deutsch, it will rise five stories, and just over 60' high. Yes, this thing is gonna be a monster. But looking at the L&I Map, it seems they have some construction violations to deal with before construction gets underway in earnest.

With a location just a couple of blocks south of campus and a couple blocks north of Girard, this building seems like a no-brainer. Given the lateness of the hour and the complexity of the project, it seems likely that this thing won't be ready until the summer or fall of 2015. So reserve your space today, kids! And if you still want to live over here but don't want to wait so long, there's always more apartments coming nearby, like those under construction across the street.

Another building under construction

Worry not! You're covered for next school year!