According to a zoning application from earlier this month, Amz Dev Inc hopes to build what we can only imagine is student housing at 1401 N 15th St., currently a vacant lot.

Big lot indeed

The developer purchased this lot in December for $290K, and has proposed ten residential units and eight parking spaces. Looking at the lot, this seems very doable. And with plenty of construction and existing student housing in the general area, including the relatively new Modules at Templetown, the location seems like a slam dunk.

Looking north. Modules at Templetown look sparkly.

There’s only one problem with this project: The developers don’t own as much land as you might think. The plot that they own runs from 15th St. to Carlisle St., but only runs 27 feet north of Master Street. The remaining 40′ x 155′ lot isn’t owned by the developer, but by the RDA. Allow us to illustrate:

The makeup of the large vacant lot. As you can see, the RDA more than the developer!

So… what’s going on here? Are the apartments going to be on the second and third floor for the most part, with <gulp> eight garage doors below? Or maybe all of the apartments will be upstairs, and the first floor will be a parking garage with only two curb cuts? Or does Amz have an agreement with the RDA to purchase the lots immediately to the north?

Does anybody have any additional info about this project? We can speculate all day long.