Last week, we told you about a new hole we spotted near 17th & Diamond that will soon turn into new student rentals near Temple. Today we have some other projects to tell you about nearby, buildings which we would also wager will eventually contain Temple students. First, we look at the northeast corner of 18th & Monument, where a new quadplex has been framed out. Across the street on 18th are a bunch of buildings that have gone up in recent years.

Looking west on Monument

Closer look

After turning onto 18th Street, you see these rentals

As you continue up 18th Street toward Berks, you spot two other projects. On the southwest corner of the intersection is a future triplex with some “commercial space” planned for the first floor. And on the northwest corner of 18th & Berks, a former church is currently being demolished. It’s a safe bet that the structure that replaces it will also be home to student housing.

Southwest corner

Northwest corner, church is on the outs

As we’ve been saying for years, the student housing boom near Temple is still in full force. And with plenty of vacant land remaining in the area, it stands to reason that the boom will continue for the foreseeable future.