The View at Montgomery is getting a sizable new neighbor.

Next month, the Goldenberg Group will present plans at CDR for the View II, a new mixed-use student housing project that will take up 2/3 of a city block at 11th & Cecil B. Moore. It will serve as a companion project to the View at Montgomery, which was completed on the northern 1/3 of the block back in 2014. You may recall, this parcel was previously home to the Wanamaker Middle School, which was demolished in 2011.

Current view at 12th & Cecil B

Current aerial view

The new View II project will include 352 apartments (874 beds) over two towers, with the eastern tower rising 18 stories and the western tower going up 12 stories. On the first floor of the east tower will be an 'Innovation Center' which the CDR application indicates will be a community center of sorts. The ground floor of the western tower will have a ton of retail space. Also included in the project will be resident amenity space, including a fitness center, numerous lounges, and a collection of study rooms. The will be parking underground for 94 cars, with additional bike parking included as part of the plan. Finally, the project will entail public green space along 11th Street, Cecil B. Moore Avenue, and 12th Street.

Check out the renderings from Niles Bolton Associates:

Project rendering

Rendering on 12th Street

Looking west on Cecil B

Space between the buildings

Public space on 12th Street

Overhead view

We've seen so much student housing development in the area around Temple over the last half decade, with a real mix of one-off buildings, medium sized developments, and major projects like the View II. We've often wondered aloud whether the supply will at some point exceed the demand in this area, resulting in lower rent numbers and increased vacancy, but the fact that this project appears to be moving forward gives us a sense that it hasn't happened just yet. With Temple continuing to grow and more students than ever electing to live near campus, it seems we can expect to see continued development in this area. Let's just hope that the addition of a few hundred high end apartments doesn't result in higher prices at the food trucks nearby.