According to five zoning applications from September, four developers intend to build five homes at 2001-2009 W. Oxford St. These are currently vacant lots.

The lots in question

The proposed homes will apparently differ from one another. 2001 W. Oxford St. will be a three story duplex. 2003 will be a duplex with a garage. 2005 will have a garage, and will likely be a single family home. The application also says that it will rise to a height of 53 feet, but we imagine that’s a typo. 2007 will be a duplex with a garage, just like 2003. And finally, 2009 W. Oxford St. will be a duplex with a first floor garage, and a commercial use on the first floor as well. Whatever that means.

We imagine they’ll all look pretty much the same when they get built, even though four separate business entities are behind the development.

This block is curious for a large development project like this. The two most notable features of the surrounding area are vacant lots and PHA homes. We don’t really see market-rate sales or rentals in this part of town; it’s too far from Brewerytown and maybe two blocks too far from Temple‘s campus. Then again, with the dramatic growth of student rental housing to the west of Temple, maybe it’s only a matter of time before building duplexes at 20th and Oxford Sts. seems like a very reasonable proposition.

We shall see…