Last week, we looked at a couple of items of interest on Carlisle Street, a side street that lies immediately to the west of Broad. First, we looked at some blight on the 1300 block, purchased from the PRA ten years ago but never developed. Then, we considered the lack of architectural excitement for a series of new construction student housing units on the 1200 block. Today, we look a little to the north, to what looks like a newish Liquor License Application at 1535-37 N. Carlise St.

The building

According to permits pulled last year, the building is intended to contain two apartments and a real estate office on the first floor (real estate bar? sign us up!). It’s clear that plenty of work has been done here since the Google Street View image of 2009, but the first floor remains unfinished. Whether the apartments are inhabited is unclear.

In the past. Looked bad.

As it turns out, this is not the only building on the block that been transformed since 2009. Back then, there were a couple of rough looking two-story buildings and a bunch of vacant land across the street. Now, a wave of new student housing units have invaded!

Back in 2009

Current view. Wow.

Will the new student residents of this block soon have a very convenient bar or restaurant on their block? Has anyone heard anything about a new business coming to this location? Would a new establishment find success on a small side street, or would it struggle to get customers in the door? We shall see.