We’ve covered these types of projects ad nauseum, but developers continue to build ’em. We’re referring, of course, to new construction, privately owned student housing in the vicinity of Temple University. Recently, a couple of the projects we’ve brought to your attention have been perhaps a little further from campus than we’d have otherwise expected, like the planned homes on the 1900 block of N 7th Street. Today’s projects are on the northern fringe of campus, on the 2300 block of North Park Street, between Dauphin and York Streets.

The block

The block is residential, and already has a handful of homes that have obviously been rehabbed or rebuilt in recent years. The proposed projects are at 2316-18 N Park St., on two of four contiguous vacant lots across the street from the homes pictured above.

The lots

Unfortunately, the City of Philadelphia owns 2314 and 2320 N Park Ave., while Temple Villas II LLC owns 2316 and Zodiac 18 Properties LLC owns 2318. Should be interesting to see whether the lots on either end will ever be redeveloped. In the meantime, plans have come before the ZBA in the last couple of months for the middle lots. The owners of 2316 have proposed a new construction home with four units, while the owners of 2318 have proposed a new construction home with six units, and four parking spaces, ostensibly with access from the rear.

We have little doubt that these developers will find willing tenants for these new properties. Will either find a willing partner in the City to allow them to purchase a couple of parcels, easily worth $50K each, off the overcrowded list of City owned properties? Or does that sound too logical, sensible, reasonable, and responsible to be possible?