Up the street from the future site of a Mormon Temple, and around the corner from the possible site of a future casino, developers are seeking to transform a tired two-story building at 17th & Wood into a contemporary five-story structure.

Current view

It's the red one

Developers from INTECH appeared before the Logan Square Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee this month with plans to add three stories onto 327 N. 17th St. in an effort to breathe new life into the building and diversify its uses. According to zoning chair Ed Panek, members of the LSNA offered suggestions to the developers and a neighborhood development agreement is being completed.

Rendering of the renovated building

Floor plans show office space on the second and third floors, and apartments on the fourth and fifth floors. The first floor will include thirteen interior parking spaces which could be for residents or the offices (we don’t know for sure). Also on the first floor are common spaces for the offices and a small gym for residents. Architecturally, this building doesn’t really do it for us, but perhaps others feel differently?

North elevation

West elevation shows the different materials used for the facade

This plan does represent a step away from the numerous hotel-style apartment buildings located in that area, which is a positive choice. Developers looked to architects at Cecil Baker (CB) for this project, who also designed the Inglis Gardens at Eastwick.

Considering the building’s location on the edge of the neighborhood, this project is perhaps a little unexpected. But adding improved office space and new apartments at this spot does seem to indicate an economy that’s heading in the right direction.

Just imagine living here if that casino gets built…

–Lou Mancinelli