Last summer, we told you about plans from Carmel Development to build a four story residential building at 1241 Buttonwood St., next door to Prohibition Taproom. We were in the area last week, and noticed that foundations are going in, so we figured this would be a good time for an update…

5,500 sqft lot in the past

Recent shot

As we told you previously, the plan for this parcel is a large, multi-family building, with what we believe to be ten units. Parking for the building will be located in the basement, which has been dug out to accomodate ten cars. Harman Deutsch has done the design work for the project, and was kind enough to supply a rendering. What do people think?

Coming soon

Meanwhile, three homes next door to this development continue to rot. But we’re hopeful that some new violations will lead to a change in the status quo.

Awful blight

Soon to be demolished? Soon to demolish itself?

When we were snapping these photos, we could clearly hear some guys working inside one of the properties. Were they beginning to demolish them from the inside? Were they merely attempting to shore up the homes to prevent them from totally collapsing? Were they trying to do as little as possible to address the violations but the owner will allow the buildings to continue to sit vacant for years to come?

Permits were pulled back in December to convert the existing buildings into duplexes, but a litany of violations followed. Hopefully, the owners will make a genuine effort to clear up the violations, fix up the homes, and eliminate some of the worst blight in the neighborhood.