This building in the Spring Garden neighborhood was built fairly recently and it looks like nothing we’ve ever seen. Surrounded by rehabbed warehouses, this skinny building sits among several currently vacant lots.

Half built

All the way built


A closer look

The building contains two condo units. One has been on the market for more than a year, with 1500 sqft of interior space, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, and listed at $350K. The other unit has never been on the market and is about twice the size. Owner’s unit, we assume?

Numerous homes have been built within a few blocks of this building in recent years, and many of them have the standard Philadelphia row house look, with brick facades and bay windows (yes, many of the bays are stucco). This building clearly pays homage to the industrial buildings that surround it, with windows that resemble those of a warehouse and its use of red steel for structural and aesthetic purposes. The building’s appearance, while fairly unique for residences, actually fits in really well with the buildings in the area- it being surrounded by empty lots probably makes it stand out a little more than it should.

We’re totally on board with this unique look, and we’re loving the modern interpretation of the neighborhood’s past.