We were in the area the other day, dodging the rain, and spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign on 607 N 18th St., a property that’s caught our eye in the past. We’ve wondered about the mystery former business that once occupied the now vacant storefront, as well as the unattractive facade in a neighborhood full of beautiful buildings.

The building

Closer look

Looking back at old real estate listings, the property has changed hands a couple of times in the past decade, and the commercial tenant was a corner store of sorts named Candyland (no trademark, we’d guess). Take a look at this low-res photo from back in 2003.

Fun times. And apparently the home next door is newer construction.

The property is on the market for a probably a little too steep $675K, and has been for sale for a month now. It’s over 3,000 sqft and has five residential units to go along with the vacant storefront, and the listing suggests that the store could be converted into a second bedroom for the first floor apartment unit. From the photos on the listing, it does appear that at least some of the apartments look better than the exterior of the building might suggest.

And with a recently renovated playground across the street, and bustling Fairmount Ave. just a couple of blocks away, it certainly would seem like a desirable place for anyone to live. So… who want to make an offer?