Over the past year or so, a new thirty-three unit apartment building has been going up at 15th & Fairmount, replacing an old seafood warehouse and a former nuisance bar. We’ve brought some updates to you over that time, most recently in an incidental fashion when we checked in last month on the Project H.O.M.E. development that’s progressing across the street.

In the background

When the new project was originally presented, it didn’t include the vacant corner parcel, and had no retail elements. A few months after groundbreaking, the interesting building that formerly housed Princes Fairmount 1500 was demolished and three more apartments and a commercial space were added to the project. The construction isn’t finished just yet, but the retail space is currently being listed by Precision Realty Group.

From the corner

Closer look at the retail space

The developers are looking for $2,500/mo triple net for the 1,000 sqft space, which includes a basement with similar space for storage. That figure seems high, unless the owners are willing to put some dollars into the buildout for a tenant. But whatever does ultimately open in that space, it will have a built-in customer base of people who live in the building above.

Meanwhile, the commercial space across the street at 1500 Fairmount Ave. is also vacant.

Across the street

This space was most recently the home of Salon Vixxen. We’d have to imagine the asking price for the rent is quite a bit lower than the larger new construction space across the street, and it may therefore find a tenant a little sooner. Or hey, maybe not. Hopefully, both will soon be leased by tenants who will contribute new vibrancy to the eastern end of Fairmount Avenue, and fill some needs for people who live in the area. Assuming that nobody tries to install any new windows that is…