We first visited 1538 Green St. in June of 2012 when it was still a surface parking lot. We came back to it as digging began for a new foundation. Last fall, a large new home was well underway, but still under construction. Today, the nearly 8,200 sqft home is just about finished. The size of the place hearkens back to the mansions commonly built in this neighborhood a century ago. Many of those have been carved into multiple apartments, but we don’t foresee such a fate for this home.

The new home, on a snowier day
We reached out to the developer, Metro Impact, to get some of the specific details on the new home. They were also kind enough to send some snazzy interior photos for your enjoyment. The home, by the way, was built for the developer's family.

View of the kitchen

Family room? Living room? We always get those confused.
The new home sits on a 2,725 sqft lot, and has a 2,000 sqft footprint. There are fifteen separate rooms in the house, not including bathrooms. Each of the five bedrooms has its own ensuite bathroom and its own walk-in closet. Some of the bedrooms are currently set up as a library and an office at this point. On the main level is a living room, a formal dining room, a chef's kitchen with a breakfast area, and a family room. Downstairs, there's a gym, a spa, a sauna, a cold dip tub, and one of those endless exercise pools.

Another large room, looks like the formal dining room. Could probably accommodate fifty.

Amazing bathroom

Love the skylight in this room.
As you might expect, the home has an elevator, which has stops over five floors. Additionally, it's a smart house, which means you can control your security system, intercom, and the air temperature from your smartphone. There's two-car parking in the rear, and multiple roof decks to boot. It's basically a Barbie Dream House in the middle of the Spring Garden neighborhood. Like we said, we don't see too many homes like this get built these days, so it's always very interesting to see just how it's executed.
Perhaps someday, we'll be lucky enough to take a tour of this place. If that day ever comes though, we can't promise you'll be able to drag us out.