We have a few updates for you in the West Poplar/Spring Garden/Spring Arts neighborhood, where at the end of 2011 we dropped a near bucket’s worth of happenings in that locale like we were Lou Williams. There was a church for sale, construction on Lemon and Wallace Sts., and much much more.

Homes on Wallace and Lemon Sts

The two 4 bedroom, 1800 square-foot homes on Wallace St., have both been sold. As have the homes on Lemon St., from what we can tell. Meanwhile, the church that was for sale on 11th Street between Mt. Vernon and Wallace, settled in December for $611K. While the new owners have been fairly quiet about their intentions, word on the block is that they’ll demo the church and build new construction homes.

Huge church

And in case you were worried that development was slowing down in any way whatsoever in this area, another new house is going up on Lemon St., just a few doors down from the recently completed homes.

Might be a little more visually interesting, to boot

Development? That’s our thing. And if the Divine Lorraine really sells, (what are your bets folks, will it sell in under 650 days?), this are will really start humming. If only our crystal ball wasn’t on the fritz.

And while we’re at it, we will take this moment to comment on some of our readers’ comments about the Wallace Street construction and agree that it lacks a whole lot of architectural style. In a neighborhood where a potential boom awaits, beyond profit, what is the benefit in building commonplace brick row homes? Thoughtful architecture can only saturate a neighborhood with character. And if the homes are coming this fast and selling this quickly, the money has got to be there, right? So c’mon builders! Let’s see something just a little more exciting, eh?

–Lou Mancinelli