A reader asked us if we’d heard anything about the newish hole at 1538 Green St., on the corner of 16th & Green. This lot has been used as a surface parking lot for at least the last decade. Does anyone remember when there was a building here?

In the past

As of a couple of weeks ago, heavy machinery arrived and a hole has been dug on this enormous, 2,700 sqft lot.

A big hole

From the intersection

Vadim Shklovsky, of MetroImpact, is the owner of this lot, according to public record. Looking at the Metro website, it appears as though the plan for this site is for a single family home. This is despite the fact that the lot would seem to support two homes, and the fact that the zoning for the property would allow multiple units by right. Perhaps this was at the behest of the Spring Garden Civic Association?

Chapel Lofts condos

If you’ve ever been to Green Street, you’re probably aware that it holds some of the more gorgeous residential buildings on this side of the Schyulkill. On this particular block, the highlight is probably the Chapel Lofts condos, which developer Gary Reisner converted from the former Christ Evangelical and Reformed Church. On the other hand, several homes further down the block are not so special in the context of the rest of Green Street.

In contrast to some of their earlier projects, Metro has, with recent projects, done a pretty good job of matching the surrounding neighborhood when asked by the community. We imagine that the new home at 1538 Green St. will do just that.

We’ll provide updates on this project, as they become available.