The folks at MJL Properties have plans for more development, this time including some preservation in the Spring Garden Historic District. At 2001 North St., right behind Fairmount Pizza and half a block below Fairmount Avenue sits the old Potts Ice Cream factory.

Wonderful building at the corner

Built in 1947, the corner of the building is a great example of Art Moderne architecture, but the rear portion is a less exciting structure that looks like it could be the back of a high school. The developers intend to demolish most of the brick section of the building and replace it with new homes. As for the Art Moderne section, it would be improved with updates like painting or coating the buff brick facades, reconfiguring the height of bay windows along 20th Street, fixing the windows, and roof decks.

Looking up 20th Street

Looking down North Street

The project was approved in concept, but was denied as proposed when submitted to the Historical Commission's Architectural Review Committee in April. The committee cited the need for drawings, especially ones showing the contrast between the new and preserved buildings. Nevertheless, the ZBA approved the project earlier this week. According to the application, the project will include four new construction homes and four homes created from the reuse of the existing building plus an addition. We'd love to get our mitts on some renderings, but for now we'll just have to use our imaginations. Still, you'd have to agree, a residential use here makes far more sense than an ice cream factory.

Although some ice cream does sound pretty delicious right about now.