Back in March, we told you about a new project planned for 439-47 N 13th St., an old two story building just to the south of one of our favorite new buildings in town. We haven’t heard anything about this property for the past six months, though we have heard about two other developments nearby, one of the north side and one on the south side of the 1200 block of Buttonwood Street. Now, it seems that there’s renewed momentum for the project at 439 N 13th St., which got approval from the ZBA back in April. Ooh, and we’ve even gotten our hands on some renderings!

The building now

Rendering, 13th St frontage on the left, Hamilton St frontage on the right

Site plan

The addition to this building was designed by Harman Deutsch, and we’re digging the look. Though the third and fourth floor additions don’t appear to be clad with metal (as we might prefer), the colors give an industrial feeling to the property, which fits in well with the surrounding neighborhood. Inside the building will be twelve condo units, each with one bedroom and two full bathrooms. Additionally (and perhaps unnecessarily), seven parking spaces will be created in the vacant lot next to this building, along with trash storage.

It seems that there’s a ton of development that’s about to begin in the area surrounding Prohibition Taproom. Now, if only the huge lot on the southwest corner of 13th & Buttonwood would be redeveloped, we’d really be in business.