On the southeast corner of 12th & Brandywine, a new building is currently under construction. You may recall, we brought this intersection to your attention many moons ago, when we talked about six new homes coming to the northeast corner. While that project is not yet in the ground, plans we were previously unaware of are already in full swing.

In the past

Last week

535 N. 12th St. will be a five unit building- whether it will be rentals or condos we do not know. Interestingly, this parcel was previously part of the Church of the Assumption plot, but it was broken off from the church by the current owner. It seems that even while the church’s possible demolition is tied up in the courts, the owners are at least looking to do something with some part of the property they paid a pretty penny to acquire.

View from the south

Next to the project is the former Finney & Son tombstone business which is currently occupied by PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art). In case you’ve never visited, this arts space hosts events just about every night highlighting alternative art works with a focus on performance and film. Kind of makes us wonder whether the new apartments next door will be in the price range of any artists who might take advantage of the space next door.

We shall see…