View from the corner of Ridge Ave. and Green St.

The seriously dilapidated building at the triangle formed by 13th St., Green St., and Ridge Ave. will finally be getting a chance to reveal its potential. Vacant now for quite some time, the space reflects the state of many other buildings in this area. According to the Zoning Application, the spot will contain 16 residential units, and a fourth floor is being added. We noticed recently that construction has begun, with workers filling up industrial dumpsters with what remained inside the previously abandoned building.

While we haven’t yet gotten our hands on the plans, we are obviously excited about the upgrade. The Spring Garden neighborhood has been craving progress, and development in recent years has brought new hope to the area. Llama Tooth has recently opened around the corner, with Teaful Bliss coming very soon and Union Transfer hopefully on the horizon.

Although these new residential units may prove to be pricier than many others in the area, it’s safe to say that this particular development is a very good step for the neighborhood. As more development rolls in, we hope that even more business owners will want to open up shop, keying additional revitalization for this part of the city. One thing that may impact the saleability and the pricing for the new units is the Ridge Avenue Men’s Shelter located just down the street, but only time will tell. We’ll be interested to see how this project progresses in the coming months and will certainly offer updates as they come along.

–Kaitlin Bostwick