On the corner of Percy and Green Sts. sits an interesting looking warehouse building that was most recently on the market $850K.

Built in 1929

The building, which has definitely seen better days, is apparently in the process of being purchased, with the new owners appearing before the ZBA last month. From we we can understand of the zoning application, the developers intend to split the existing building into five separate homes, demolish the two story rear of the existing building, and rebuild it as a three story structure with car ports in the backs of the houses. While the two future homes closest to the corner should clean up nicely, with their interesting facades and unique cornices, the remaining properties on the site will likely appear very plain by comparison when redeveloped.

We might prefer the two on the corner

This is a very interesting location to undertake this kind of project. Across the street is a future phase of Spring Arts Point. Immediately to the east, the Reading Viaduct sits, waiting to be redeveloped. As we’ve covered ad nauseum, rampant residential development is taking place to the west. With the astounding number of open lots in this area, much of the development has been of the new construction variety. It’s neat to see these developers taking a different approach with a small-scale conversion. We’ll be very interested to see just how it goes down, and how much of the original character of the building is ultimately preserved.