A piece of literary history is for sale. Again.

“You could smell the odor of urine, s**t and vomit of a half century as it came up through the floor into the bar from the restrooms below,” wrote Charles Bukowski, one of America’s most famous poets, about a corner bar at 17th and Fairmount, when he lived in the area in the 1940s. “It was 4:30 in the afternoon. Two men were fighting in the center of the bar.”

17th Spot today

Well, about a decade ago, that corner location was renovated. The interior Bukowski scene has gone the way of Bukowski, as in it’s gone. Operating as the 17th Spot for about twelve years, it’s currently on the market for $999K, through Nate Nannes, who says he’s gotten a few calls from interested parties. The property was listed for sale once before, in 2010, and didn’t find any buyers at a price of $1.2M. According to an employee we spoke with at the bar, the stock is included in the sale, which includes a second-floor bar and a vacant third-floor space.

It’s a potentially lucrative buy for the interested. As development along Fairmount Avenue west of Broad Street continues to boom, the 17th Spot, at 1700 Fairmount Ave., is the only bar you’ll find until Uber Street, where Blue Cat is more restaurant than drinking establishment. The 17th Spot space could probably benefit from a touch of renovation; also, the back of first story extends to the end of the property and features the plumbing and electrical mechanics for someone to build out a kitchen. Sounds like a future gastropub, if you ask us.

Room for a kitchen in the back

In honor of Buk, here are some of his words of wisdom: beer / rivers and seas of beer / the radio singing love songs.

–Lou Mancinelli