Today, a reader tipped us off about a new sign at 1601 Mount Vernon St., the historic Robert Purvis House. You may remember, we told you about this blighted, deteriorating building a few months back, lamenting its continuing spiral toward probable collapse. Here’s a shot of the building from that post:


As we told you back then, the owner of this property has proposed redevelopment several times over the last ten years or so, with a presentation less than a year ago to the Historical Commission. And now, according to a recently affixed sign on the building, the owner of the property appears ready to move forward here.

Wait, what's that little sign?

Whoa! How bout that?

According to the sign, the owner of the property will rehab this property and split it into three condo units, each with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, parking, balconies, and a deck. Sounds pretty good.

Clearly, the redevelopment of this building would be a huge boost for this area, and an encouraging sign for people who have been staring at the blighted structure for years. With the owner’s track record, however, of repeatedly proposing but not executing development plans, we’re going to need to see some actual construction taking place before we get all worked up.

Here’s hoping…