Back in July, we gave you the lowdown about a new residential development at 1244 Ridge Ave., pointing out some ongoing demolition activity at a fairly unique looking property. Here are some shots of what the property looked like in 1960, from

Really nice

Utilizes the unusual lot shape

The years have not been kind to this building, which lost an entire story somewhere along the line.

A recent view

Xavi Investments purchased the property a little over a year ago, and has approvals for sixteen residential units in what will ultimately be a nearly 20K sqft building. The units will be rentals, and will include twelve 2 bed, 2 bath units, and four 1 bed, 1 bath units. The developer will be adding a fourth story to the building, restoring it to its original height. Architects Harman Deutsch have provided us with a couple of renderings.

Same view as above

Slightly different view

At first glance, we were a little bummed to see that the bays were not being maintained on the new fourth story. Upon further consideration, we’re thinking it’s probably for the best. Any attempt to extend and replicate the existing bays could come off clumsily, cheesing up an already interesting facade. Plus, there’s something to the idea of attempting to reimagine this building rather than recreating the building that once was.

Though construction activity has slowed at this property in recent months, we understand it will be ramping up again very soon. And once it’s complete and new tenants have moved in, there should be some new energy indeed in the area. With the closing of the nearby Ridge Ave. Men’s Shelter this year (sometime in the spring, we hear), who knows what changes are on the way for this stretch?

The shelter is on the left

Hey, maybe even the Divine Lorraine could get fixed up in our lifetimes sometime soon…