We first visited the 1200 block of N. Leithgow Street about three years ago, when we heard about plans for two new homes at the northern end of the block. At the time, we expressed hope that this project would inspire additional development on the block, which has a numerous empty lots on its eastern side and a large surface parking lot for the Saint John Neumann Shrine on its western side. Needless to say, the parking lot isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s a safe guess that we’ve got some info on plans for the east side.

Looking south on the 1200 block of N. Leithgow

Currently, developers have their sights on five properties on this block which have been sitting vacant for many years. Zoning notices are posted at 1217, 1219, and 1227 N. Leithgow St., and plans call for new homes. The lots are only 40′ deep, but they’re 17′ wide, which should allow for pretty solid layouts. The homes that we covered three years ago were built on similar lots and each sold for around $400K back in 2015, and assuming they get approval from the ZBA, these homes will certainly sell for more.

Large empty space on the east side
More zoning notices

As for the lots in between the zoning notices, they are not (surprise surprise) owned by the City, but are privately owned by a resident on 4th Street. By virtue of owning these lots, this person has a baller triple wide rear yard. This also gives us an indication that these lots won’t be redeveloped any time soon, despite the other projects on the block.

Two homes under construction near Girard

Lest we forget. Remember, we said there are five homes in store for this block, and here are the last two. 1203 and 1205 N. Leithgow St. have been under construction for a few months and look like they could be finished a few months from now. It doesn’t appear that they’re listed yet for sale, but however the developers price these homes should be a reasonable guide for the developers up the block. Sadly, for them, we don’t think that half a block of closer proximity to Northern Liberties will result in a higher price point.