A reader reached out to us the other day, having noticed a quartet of new homes on the 1700 block of Waterloo Street. For those unfamiliar with this street, we feel you. It’s one of those north-south streets that appears and disappears as you make your way through North Philadelphia, with the 1700 block being the very first block of the street. It runs between Howard and Mascher Streets, and if we may be more general for people that aren’t so familiar with the area, those streets run between Front and 2nd. As you might expect for a block in this part of South Kensington, there’s a bunch of development activity ongoing.

Looking south on the street

We’re not really wont to cover one-off projects, like the new foundation at 1770 Waterloo St. or the new home a couple doors to the south. But if you make your way closer to Cecil B. Moore Ave., the four new homes certainly catch the eye. And it’s not just because there’s four of them, it’s also because of the unique architecture, which goes up nearly four full stories.

New homes on the southern end of the block
View from the south

Here’s the thing about these new homes- we’ve already told you to expect them. A few months back, we told you about Regent Row, a 36-home development from PRDC Properties. This project is something a little different in that it calls for three dozen homes on four non-contiguous lots in the same general area. And while many developers and architects choose to make all the units in a development look the same, each site for this project will include varying architecture from Atrium Design. The four homes on Waterloo Street, soon to be joined by two more homes, certainly will have a unique look for the neighborhood, but the same will be true for the homes on Howard Street and Mascher Street.

Aerial view of the whole development

We also told you previously that these will be among the largest and fanciest homes in the area, and they’ll be priced to reflect it. We told you to expect prices starting at $569K, and we see that two of the homes on Howard Street are already under agreement at that list price. Two more homes are now listed for $575K, so the prices are already ticking upward. We wonder just how much higher the prices will climb as the project moves along into future phases.