Back in November, we gave you the heads up about First Steel, a new Postgreen project at 1703-05 N. Howard St., in Kensington. At the time, this was still an empty lot, and the project was still in the planning stages. We were in the area a few days back, snapping photos of the former Quaker City Dye Works, and noticed something shiny and new on the corner of N Howard & Cecil B.

Yes indeed

Closer look

To remind you, both homes have 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, and the typical Postgreen energy efficiency. 1703 N Howard St. is a little larger, at about 1700 sqft, and is under contract with an asking price of $325K. 1705 N Howard St., slightly smaller at about 1400 sqft, is still available at an asking price of $299K.

Clearly, these houses stick out big time in Philadelphia, with their metal clad facades. No one could argue that they “fit in” with the traditional row homes on the block, nor would anyone suggest that they would be appropriate for say, Society Hill. On the other hand, in a part of town with a tremendous industrial past, the look of these homes echo the spirit of the neighborhood. And considering the number of vacant lots that remain in Kensington, new construction and architectural diversity trumpet a brighter future for a neighborhood that’s been down on its luck for decades.

Image from Postgreen. Future K'House site just out of frame to the left.

Hopefully, K’House, planned for another vacant lot just a few doors down, will be going up in the coming months, adding even more energy to this changing block.