Howard Street in North Kensington is getting two more homes. We were in the neighborhood the other day and noticed two homes under construction at 1509-11 N. Howard St., formerly a vacant lot. We'd guess that they've been under construction for the last couple of months and you'd think we'd have mentioned them before, but alas they haven't shown up on our radar until now.

Two new homes

These homes are rising immediately to the south of Oxford Mills, a textile mill that was converted into apartments for teachers and non-profit workers. Oxford Mills also happens to be home to the excellent and cool looking Gryphon Coffee. Try the Brussel Sprout Grilled Cheese.

Oxford Mills is right next door

Around the corner from these new homes, we told you about a new duplex under construction back in March. At the time, we were surprised (as usual) that developers were building so close to the El, and we wondered whether it would take awhile to sell the units.

Duplex on Jefferson Street

But it doesn't seem like that was the case. The unit with parking went under agreement after just two weeks at a list price of $400K, and the unit without parking went under agreement in just under two months at a price of $375K. The people who eventually live here will hear the El every single day, but that clearly didn't dissuade them from buying these units. Like we said, never a doubt!