It was at the end of 2011 that we first brought your attention to seven homes, then new, at the corner of Mascher & Master in South Kensington. A developer with ties to Tower Investments, or maybe just a subsidiary, had demolished an old warehouse and had plans to build dozens of additional homes at this location, wrapping around Master and Howard Streets. But since then, it's been mostly radio silence. In 2013, some heavy equipment on Howard Street suggested that this project might be ramping up, but it was just a false alarm. Now, finally, we're seeing some new progress.

Last week, a hole in the ground at Howard & Master

At the corner of Howard & Master, with views of a sweet South Kensington mural, a reader recently spotted a new hole. According to permits, three homes will soon rise here. We're getting some mixed messages as we search different public record sources, but we believe a new developer has purchased these lots, and this construction will have no direct bearing on the larger project planned for the block. But perhaps this small amount of construction, along with much more significant construction a few paces away, will inspire the developers to revisit this property.

Half a block away on Mascher St.

More framing on Hancock St.

The first phase of a twenty home project is moving along nicely, with four homes far along on Mascher Street and six homes now getting framed on Hancock Street. Assuming these homes get built and sold, ten more homes will then arrive on Master Street. Remember, we told you about this project maybe six months ago. The progress has been impressive in the time that's passed. And other developers intend to build another twenty homes in the middle of the 1300 block of Mascher Street, if you'll recall, but that project hasn't gotten in the ground just yet. Combine those projects with the apparently successful Town Homes at Liberties North project on Howard and Hope Streets, and we can't imagine a more conducive environment for development in South Kensington.