In South Kensington just north of 7th & Girard, the 1200 block of N. 7th St. presents a number of development opportunities, but here, patience may be the key. We think it’s too early for this block to see a transformation like the 2400 block of Frankford Ave. saw the past year, as the conditions on Frankford are a more favorable to development at this point in time. Still, we see the potential here should some nearby projects succeed.

New construction on the corner of 7th & Thompson

On the southwest corner of 7th & Thompson, five new structures are now being constructed, which gives us reason to think that perhaps some of the vacant properties nearby might become Naked Philly posts in the year or years to come. It's the same story on both sides of the street, with vacancies and blighted buildings.

Vacant land next to the new homes

Blight and vacancy to the south

More blight on the east side of 7th Street

Girard Avenue has recently seen a few new businesses fill in some vacancies, like on the 200 block, where a mixed-use building was being renovated in mid-fall. But a little closer to the block and question, the 3rd Ward at 4th & Thompson, recently closed its doors.

Perhaps, before 6th and 7th street just north of Girard in South Kensington see a refreshment, Liberty Square and SoKo Lofts, two major mixed-use development projects coming soon to the eastern end of the neighborhood, need to get underway. Those projects would more than likely have helped out the 3rd Ward. Alas, too late.

For now, though, 7th & Girard is a block in need of a lift. And if things pick up a block to the north, that lift could be coming soon.