We've covered several significant residential proposals in South Kensington over the last few years but we're still waiting for most of them to materialize. So it's no small thing that the Tajdeed Residences project which we first told you about in March of 2014 is approaching the finish line. By the time we got around to covering it, the project had already been in the works for a couple of years and was about to go before the ZBA. Remember, several of the properties making up this large project were acquired via eminent domain, which resulted in resistance to the project from some near neighbors. Despite this, the project is now approaching completion.

Corner of Cadwallader & Oxford

Looking up Cadwallader St.

The project covers most of the triangle created by the intersections of Oxford St., Cadwallader St., and Bodine St., and contains 42 apartments, 37 parking spots for cars, and 28 parking spots for bikes. A partnership between the Arab American CDC and Conifer LLC, the Tajdeed Residences are an affordable housing project, and residents must meet certain income requirements if they wish to rent one of the units. We called the leasing office, and learned that 2-bedroom units are renting for $972/mo, 3-bedrooms for $1117/mo, and 4-bedrooms for $1250/mo. The specific income requirements depend on the number of people in each household.

A separate building associated with the project

The leasing office is currently located at 1505 N. Cadwallader St., a three-unit building associated with but not physcially connected to the main project. The office should soon be moving up the block, and the developers expect the first residents will move into their apartments at the end of the month.