Let's agree, life under the El isn't exactly peaches and cream. It's dark, noisy, and the years have not been kind to many of the buildings. Still, with the explosive growth in South Kensington and Fishtown, some properties under the El are starting to get some love. Remember, we told you last year about an old distillery at Front & Master getting completely renovated, with plans for a bar on the first floor.

Recent renovation, bar coming soon

Across the street from this building is El Bar, which has been doing its thing for several years now.

El Bar

Perhaps by the end of the year, there will be three bars at this intersection. The building on the northwest corner has been on and off the market since 2008. Finally, it turned over last year. The listings boasted of the 20' open beam ceilings in this 2,000 sqft garage, with room to park nine cars. Instead, it seems, patrons will be parking on bar stools.

In the past

Recent view

According to a Michael Klein article from the end of last year, plans are afoot for a new bar at this location. Permits indicate that there will be a restaurant component as well. Has anyone in the neighborhood heard any additional details about this? We can't even find any info on a liquor license for this address. Still, the place is surely several months away from being ready.

Could these projects mean that more development will come under the El in the next few years? Could Mighty Mick's Gym, a few blocks up, get redeveloped in the sometime soon? As unlikely as it may have seemed just a few years ago, additional redevelopment under the El is looking likelier by the day.

Update: Commenters are saying that a soup place is on the way here, not a bar. Works for us.