This is our third time reporting on the 1400 block of Germantown Avenue this year, and we're not ruling out making another visit before Old Lang Syne rings out across the world. In January, two homes were under construction, some old buildings were getting demolished, and a bunch of foundations were apparent on the northern side of the block. When we checked back over the summer, the two homes had moved along, the demolition was finished, and there were homes atop the aforementioned foundations. When we went to this block last week, there was more change in the air.

Demolition at the corner of Germantown & Master

When we were here last, we shared the good news that 1400 Germantown Ave., the rough looking yellow building at the corner, had recently changed hands. But we didn't know what was happening next. It turns out, we still don't know what's happening with this property. But we can tell you that the building is in the process of getting demolished. The property could accommodate two homes, though the developers will have to go to the ZBA to get around the commercial zoning. Note, the two homes to the north are still under construction.

Further up the block, finished homes and construction next door

Moving up the block, closer to Jefferson Street, the row of five homes that were mere foundations in January look like they're finished. And we think all of them have sold for a price that's close to $400K. Next door, you can see that earth is moving in preparation for two duplexes and a triplex. Rentals would seem like a reasonable play, but we wouldn't be shocked to see condos. 

1401 Germantown Ave.

But perhaps far more interesting, we stumbled onto some unexpected information in looking up the sales info for the block. It turns out that developers purchased 1401 Germantown Ave. earlier this year. This building, which we think was originally built for the manufacture of store fixtures, is currently in terrible condition. We wonder, will the new owners demolish it and build a couple dozen homes? Will they renovate it and turn it into apartments (full of patrons for Reanimator Coffee across the street)? Could it get turned into a live-work space? Considering the $1.35M purchase price, we suspect we'll get our questions answered sooner rather than later.