Over a year ago, we first told you about plans from Tower Investments to build as many as seventy new homes on a block bordered by Master St. to the north, Thompson St. to the south, Howard St. to the east, and Mascher St. to the west. For months and maybe longer, heavy equipment has been seemingly moving dirt and debris around on a large chunk of land on the western side of the 1300 block of N. Howard Street, like a child playing with his food.

In mid-March

But some progress appears to be taking place. A little over a week ago, we spotted some dumpsters, ostensibly there for the purpose of hauling away some of the wreckage on the lot.

A week and a half later

We haven’t been back in over a week, but we have to wonder whether this is an indication that Tower may be moving forward with another phase of this project in the somewhat near future. Has anyone in the area heard anything about this?