A couple of months ago, we were telling you about a new construction home on the corner of Thompson & Orianna, and mentioned a couple of blighted properties on Thompson’s 300 block. Around the same time, we first brought you news about Soko Lofts, a giant mixed-use development coming to a large vacant lot at the corner of 2nd & Thompson. And next week, we’ll have details on the next big project planned for this rapidly improving area.

But today, we have a couple of smaller developments to bring to your attention. The first is 237 W. Thompson St., currently a one-story garage on a block with a couple of residences. If developers have their way, however, the garage will soon disappear, to be replaced by a rather tall single family home with a garage. This project went before the ZBA this week but was continued. We imagine they’ll come back next month.

The building

Just a few doors down, another proposal is in the pipeline. The owners of 231 W. Thompson St. went before the ZBA a couple of weeks ago for a slightly larger project, which would involve the construction of a single family home on a currently vacant lot, as well as a triplex. This project was held by the ZBA, pending recommendation of the Planning Commission. We’re not sure whether this project is an amended version of the American Studios project which we first brought to your attention about a year and a half ago or something different. Does anyone in the neighborhood have any insight into this?

Site of the single family home

Site of the triplex?

Coming soon?

Either way, it’s exciting that some currently vacant lots on this block will soon be developed. And while the people who eventually move into these homes have plenty of amenities nearby at the Piazza and Liberties Walk, they should have plenty more in the years to come, considering the proposals on the table in the area.